gratitude journal 9-26-12

I’m so utterly uncreative at titles, ha. So, today’s gratitude journal:

  • I’m glad I live in the PNW. I love this state. I love that, for the most part, the people you meet are progressive/ liberal/ democrat-type people. I love that (generally speaking), the people I rub shoulders with every day have similar values to me. I love the diversity and beauty of living so near rainforest, desert, ocean, and mountains.
  • I’m glad today spiked up warm for a bit. I went to the park for lunch, and it was nice to sit on a sun-washed bench and soak up the warmth. The flowers were pretty, too.
  • I’m grateful for my past. I’ve made mistakes in my past, and I’ve lost loved ones. But whenever I look back at the crooked road I’ve traveled, I feel grateful for the lessons I’ve learned and the people I’ve loved. I would not be the person I am today without the experiences of yesterday.
  • I’m grateful for my talents. Sometimes I wish I could sing, or dance. Sometimes I wish I was better at sport. For the most part, though, I’m glad I have the talents I do. I feel that writing and drawing are good creative outlets, and my scrapbooking and cooking skills benefit not just me but my family. My talents will likely never garner me fame or accolades, but they improve the life of the people I love, and that makes me happy.
  • I’m glad John convinced me to take the MSF. I love my motorcycle. I love riding her. I love everything about riding, whether it’s in the summer heat, the autumn chill, or the winter wet. I love the smells and the sights, and the feel of pushing myself, mentally and emotionally and physically, to keep improving at something that is so incredibly rewarding.



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