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After the froo-ha-ha of yesterday, I wasn’t going to post for a bit. But then I realized that with school and everything starting soon, I’m not really going to have time to blog, and blogging is cathartic for me. I shouldn’t let angry people get to me.

So here’s what is probably a final post for a bit, as my schedule is about to kick up hardcore. I go to orientation tomorrow, and start classes next Tuesday night. I found a sitter, because good deeds apparently really do beget good deeds. Over the summer I invited Kidling’s two best friends (“Remus” and “Romulus”) with us to quite a few places — Long Lake, Wild Waves, that sort of thing.

Kidling hung out with them for a bit on the 4th of July, too, before we headed over to Steph’s for fireworks and food. I finally met their parents (“Dee” and “Bran”) around mid-summer, and their parents are awesome, too. Dee has agreed to watch Kidling while I’m in my 8-hour weekend class, which takes a huge weight off my mind. I was starting to get a little worried there!

Even more delightful, Dee and Bran have a lot of similar interests to us. They collect dragons and Amy Brown faeries, they watch a lot of the same shows, they read books in the same genres and topics (sociology, theology, fantasy and sci-fi, etc.), and we all have congruent theories on parenting. He rides motorcycle; she works right down the block from me.

I know all that isn’t a slam-dunk for friendship. I’ve met plenty of people who have an interest in sci fi and fantasy, watch the same shows, read the same types of books, and have similar parenting theories, but we just don’t mesh on a personality level. Still, I’m tentatively excited to have a family nearby that is so alike in temperament and interests.

Moving up here has been amazing — the costs of housing, commute, everything have been cut. We’ve made more friends in a year than we made in all the time we lived in Centralia. We spent the 4th of July with this super sweet family I met volunteering in the PTSA last year, and with our commute time down to ~5 min (for John) and ~15 min (for me), we actually have time to do things and spend time with people. Despite all this coolness of life away from the middle of nowhere, the neighborhood issue of last year has had me a little jumpy around the neighbors.

Right before Crazy Mike attacked my husband, he was kept telling us that the neighborhood had never experienced any problems before we arrived, that everyone was friends and happy. I believed him — I guess I’m just gullible — and I kept wondering what it was about our family that caused all this neighborhood strife. I couldn’t really comprehend the kind of mindset where someone came to our house, harrassed our family, yelled at us when we went out walking, then told us we were instigating it.

I mean, what kind of disturbed person tries to start a fight, then blames the other person for walking away? It’s so irrational, I just figured we must have been doing something to incite such rage. Welp, I finally screwed up the courage to talk to a few other families and whatnot in the neighborhood and surrounding cul-de-sacs, about the incident, including Dee and her family.

That’s how I learned that Crazy Mike and his family had the cops out there in the neighborhood on them every 3 to 6 months before we arrived. Crazy Mike, apparently, had a drinking problem, and was often apprehended for drunkenly stumbling through the neighborhood at all hours of the morning.

Other neighbors told me Crazy Mike Jr. had been bullying the neighborhood children and cats to the point that they (the neighbors) didn’t feel safe letting their children play outside or their pets roam. The upshot, apparently, is that when we acquired the restraining order against Crazy Mike and he subsequently vacated the neighborhood, we apparently tangentially improved the living situation for several families. So that’s cool.


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