plans change . . .

So I was going to do this year by year series of posts in honor of our 11 year wedding anniversary, covering all the stuff John and I have gotten through together. I wrote up to year 8, and I realized it just wasn’t working for me. The posts were too short; they didn’t allow room for any motivations or interpretations but mine. The experiences sometimes cast people we interacted with in a bad light — sometimes people I love, sometimes people I don’t particularly care about, but don’t want to humiliate, especially on a searchable blog.
I’ve been told by several people — teachers, friends, readers — that I should just compile all this stuff into a book. Frankly, I’m baffled (and delighted!) this blog has as many readers as it does, and is continuing to gain readers — I have a hard time believing anyone would want to read about my personal tragedies and hardships in book form. Then again, each draft post is basically the outline to a chapter, so maybe I should try my hand at it. Who knows.
So instead, I’ll just put the drafts in my documents to revisit later and share some links right now. Today we went clamming as a family, so I’m going to be making clam chowder. I like to use an altered version of this recipe from The clams were huge, and we got one catch limit (40 clams). Both John and I have licenses, and with Kidling being under 14, we could have gotten 80 or 120 clams . . . but I’m not okay with that. I don’t see catch limits as “this is the minimum amount we are allowed,” but more as, “this is the maximum amount we are allowed, but we shouldn’t catch more than we’ll eat.“. We have enough clams for chowder, fried clams, and maybe garlic clam sauce over spaghetti.
Anyway, I’m all sticky with sunscreen, sweat, and saltwater, so I’m just going to go settle down with my Nook and read for a bit. I’ll leave you with some of the stuff I’ve been reading this week:

This breaks down the difference in Republican and Democrat-supported bills that effect families and the ability of moms to work. Basically, liberals and moderates in general pass more family-friendly bills that make daycare affordable, raise child tax credits, and make it easier for mothers to get educated, employed, and paid fairly. Hard-right conservatives, on the other hand, tend to promote and vote for bills that  have an end result of gouging middle class families.

Author Charlie Stross explains how by relying on disintermediation, Amazon has become both a monopoly and a monopsony — in other words, has taken advantage of  the changes retail internet sales precipitated to institute a situation where they both control the suppliers and what is offered to consumers, resulting in less market competition and consumer choice. He suggests that traditional publishing and bookstores can save themselves and move into the future by removing DRM restrictions and no longer treating ebooks like software. I agree, but I’d also add that I think it’s about time we start automatically charging sales tax to internet sales based on the zip code of the of the purchasing credit card and/or shipping address. Amazon has shafted traditional retail far too long in this regard.

Long story short, this NYT article covers the difference in mindset between creation of the Nook vs. the creation of the Kindle. If you want the short version: The Nook comes from a love of reading, literature, and bookstores, as well as the desire to preserve and promote growth in these areas. The Kindle comes from a desire to make money and corner the market share of readers.

So . . . read, enjoy, comment, share the word. And try that clam chowder, because it is delicious.

2 thoughts on “plans change . . .

  1. I agree about the cooking and making money…. I love to experiment with my cooking. I agree with other readers about your creating a book. I can't seem to pull myself together to make a book out of my mumblings…. I started something and it sits in my files unattended. I'm stuck. Wow, it sounded like an accident on the freeway just now… it was weird, then I heard this vehicle roaring down the freeway! Wow 0_o

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