I am loving volunteering at the Book Fair. Besides the cash register, which is ridiculously and inexplicably fun to operate, I love being around the books. I love discussing books. I love being around the type of people who volunteer at and browse book fairs. I love it when the kids come up with stacks of books, and I look at what they’re buying and say,
“Oh! [Pokemon/ Naruto/ other comic]? My son loves these! You know, if you go to OCC — that’s Olympic Cards and Comics, it’s right there in Lacey on Pacific Ave — they sell [Pokemon cards and graphic novels], and they even have card games on the weekends. You should check it out.”
“Oooh, Calpurnia Tate? I’ve heard such good things about it; I really want to read it. If you like historical fiction, you should totally check out Ann Rinaldi, too — I loved her when I was a kid.”
The Hunger Games, huh? Good choice. If you like it, you might want to check out Divergent by Victoria Roth. It’s another dystopian futuristic young adult with a strong female protagonist.”
Anyway, Kidling has been in every day that I’ve volunteered to hang around and chat with me. When a rush happens and I get busy ringing up customers, he goes and sits cross-legged by whatever book he’s browsing and starts reading. In the past few days, I’ve seen him flipping through Bone, Vol. 1: Out From Boneville Big Nate Goes for Broke LEGO® Harry Potter: Building the Magical World and several Star Wars novellas and historical fiction books (mostly to do with the Titanic, which he’s fascinated with).
He hadn’t saved enough for any of the books he wanted, so he used his allowance to buy a bunch of silly animal erasers, which he’s been playing nonstop with. He wanted a UV glowlight pen to write me secret messages with, so I bought it for him today.
He doesn’t know yet, though. It’s a surprise. When he does something reward-worthy in the next day or so (which he will, he always does), I’ll reward him with it as a surprise. I bought him a book and a funny sticker, as well.
He could not stop giggling at that sticker the other day. I swear, 10 year old boys and their potty humor. They never really grow out of it, you know. My husband and brother are both in their 30’s, and they still snicker at potty humor. Anyway, I gave him the sticker today when he cleaned up his room without prompting. The book was just because he’s getting bored reading the same-old same-old for his homework — he’s read Harry Potter about a dozen times, as well as Levin Thumps and Maniac Magee and all his other books. He reads them as fast as we buy them, then reads them a dozen times over. His teacher lent him some book the other day, over spring break, and he finished it in a day.
That boy reads like a demon. I think I’m going to give him my Nook Touch when I pick up the Nook Glowlight. For some reason my 1st Gen Nook won’t work anymore. I think when my sil gave it back to me, she included the wrong micro-cable or something. It hasn’t worked since she returned it. Kind of bummed about that, since I did want Kidling to use it. Anyway, I’m out. I’ve gotta go pick up John. I’ve been driving the car with all the volunteering and other running around I’ve been doing, so John’s been either riding his motorcycle or walking to work. Today he walked, so I get to pick him up.

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