I am just seriously way too bummed out to write today. I am volunteering at my sons school every day this week for the Scholastic book fair. Because it’s raining and less than a 5 minute ride, I figured I’d let my husband drive the car to his work (cold, wet, gets off late), and I’d ride my motorcycle to the school (warmish, wet, done by mid-afternoon).
So our driveway declines gradually, and at the end there’s this funny little dip before it humps back up. Right now, because we’re working on a friend’s car, we’ve got all three cars out of the garage. The friend’s car is at the top of the driveway. Our big honkin’ SUV is parked behind it, the tail end and spare tire stuck to the rear hangs out over the dip. To the right of that, the 1960 Ford Falcon is parked in front of the yard.
This is the Falcon, sitting where the SUV is currently parked.
So my husband pulled my motorcycle out front for me (what a gentleman!) and parked it between the tail of the SUV and the hood of the Falcon, the front and back tires straddling that little dip at the end of the driveway. And I rush out to head over to the school, because I don’t want to get there late, and I drop my bike. And I actually damaged it.
It was the dumbest mistake, especially considering I’ve been riding year-round since 2008 and haven’t dropped it since that first summer. I’ve wrecked twice at middling to high speeds, yes, but I haven’t done something as rank newbie as drop it while it’s at a full stop in miles.  But I did, today. I dropped it in a staggering display of newbie-like idiocy, and I broke the damn thing. The clutch-side footpeg snapped off and my clutch handle broke on the end — that little knob. So now we have $75- $100 in repair parts, and there are no local Bent Bikes to scavenge parts from.
I just get so angry whenever I think about my stupid, stupid screw-up. I’ve been trying to distract myself all day from it, but nothing works for long. It’s fucking spring. It’s spring. Dry sunny days, the best kind of riding days, are not merely “just around the corner,” they’re here. They were here all last week, and now I went and broke my damn bike and when this rain stops, my bike will still be broken. Stupid stupid stupid.
Here’s my baby in better days:

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