Stop trying to speak for me, GOP (or, More Limbaugh Idiocy)

I’m currently a SAHM. I’m not weighing in on the Rosen comments, because a) tons of other people have already said very intelligent and pertinent things about that whole mess and b) I wasn’t particularly offended, personally. I don’t care what she said one way or the other. I tend to think this whole idea of a SAHM vs. working mom debate is manufactured and ridiculous, personally.
That said, I would like to address to this bullshit:
Thanks for standing up for stay at home moms like me, Rush Limbaugh.* Now shut the fuck up and let me speak for myself, because you’re an idiot.

“Do you know what the real threat of stay-at-home moms is to leftists? You know what the real threat they are? (sic)” — Limbaugh

No, Rushy, what kind of threat is liberal me to stay at home mom me? What horrible wrongs am I perpetuating against myself? Perhaps my desire to have affordable healthcare for my family? Is it my desire for my husband and I to have access to women’s healthcare, like birth control, women’s health services and free preventative healthcare? Is that where my priorities are messed up? Should I just forget thinking for myself because I get all confused and liberal-y when I do that and go find a nice GOP man to tell me how I’m all turned around and confused and the GOP really loves independent-thinking me?

“They don’t need government! They are the essence of individuality. Stay-at-home moms are the essence of rugged individualism, and they don’t need the state. They’re not soccer moms, and that’s why they are a threat….” — Limbaugh

Seriously, go stick your head in a sandpit. I am not the “essence of individuality.” I rely on my hard-working husband to work 40 hours a week to pay the bills and support our family. I rely on my dad and sisters and friends for advice and support and babysitting when John and I need couple time to keep our relationship strong and focused on us. I rely on public schools and public school teachers to teach my son in the subjects I suck at. I rely on tax-paid bus drivers to take my son to school and bring him home (saving us daily money on gas!).  I rely on tax-payer-funded libraries to take my son to and read books with him at, which both saves our family money and helps me guide my son toward history, geography, and science books so he won’t end up a complete raving idiot like you, Mr. Limbaugh. 

I rely on grocery stores to stock the foods and vegetables to I can feed my family adequately. I rely on truckers driving on tax-paid roads to deliver that food. I rely on the National Park System (tax-payer funded!) to take my son hiking and teach him about nature. I rely on Federal regulations that keep the air clean and the water clean and provide low-cost vaccinations. I rely on police departments and fire departments to be there if I need them. I rely on my community, because I am part of it.
I’m not some “rugged individualist” living out in the country off the land, eschewing all human contact in order to hew a rugged pioneer cabin out of the trees. And may I point the fuck out that even our awesome pioneer ancestors didn’t build those communities all alone? They traveled the trail with a group, and they built their settlements with that group. Do you even know where the term “barn-raising” comes from?
The “evil” liberal government you’re trying to get me to eschew is the one that put in place labor laws to protect my husband and our family with disability insurance if he gets injured on the job instead of being fired and leaving us in poverty. That “evil” government made it so if my husband works overtime, he gets paid extra, instead of his employer being able to force him to work until he drops, along with addressing innumerable other workplace safety issues that the corporations would have been happy to ignore. That “evil” government addressed and outlawed child labor.
You know what I would like this government to address? I would like affordable healthcare for my family, no co-pays or premiums to drag us down — like other first-world countries. I would like the government not to allow the teaching of religion in schools, because even if I wasn’t atheist, you would still be pushing the “wrong” religion! We were mormon, and nobody teaches the BoM in school, nor should they! Religion doesn’t belong in school! I would like the government to allow my gay loved ones to get married and enjoy all the tax benefits I do.
I would like a government in place that doesn’t mouth platitudes like, “We understand how hard stay at home moms work, really — there’s no price tag for it,” when they clearly don’t actually care about the value of stay at home parents. There is a price tag. There are lots of price tag estimates for how hard stay at home moms work, and if the government was really soooooo concerned with the value of a stay at home parent, they could try raising the child tax credit to come a little eensy bit closer to actually helping families with a stay at home parent.
But I don’t actually want $182,452.00 a year from the government, I’d just be happy with less funding put into war and more funding into education, healthcare, and social services. I’d be happy knowing regulations are in place and protected to keep my son and family safe. I’d be happy knowing the government is doing everything they can to protect the environment so my son has a future. So go away, Mr. Limbaugh. You don’t know anything about being a stay at home mom, and all your hyperbolic, flowery statements of praise for how “rugged” and “individual” I am are based in ignorance and idiocy.
I vote liberal democrat because I am a stay at home mom, and I know the value this choice brings to my  family and my situation. I also know it’s not my place or right to say any other person — male or female — is required to make the same decision with their lives, budgets, or personal values. Being a stay-at-home mom can be valuable, but no more so than being a parent who is present and engaged, and you can do that working for a paycheck or platitudes.
I would like to thank you so much, Mr. Limbaugh, for your oh-so-serious concern (re: trying to distract from the real issue) — but I’m well aware of what the GOP thinks of women’s worth, and women are worth so much more than you can ever imagine or will ever know.

* I hope my sarcasm is clear, because Rush Limbaugh has never done anything to deserves thanks.


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