theft and plagiarism

So, I write and post articles on HubPages, which kind of like a content hosting/ blogging website. This is me:
This morning, I opened up my internet browser to find a message that my articles were being stolen and reposted without attribution.
I followed the link to find that the article I had written and posted yesterday had indeed been stolen and reposted without attribution. According to “BigEzine,” someone named “Olive Fischer” wrote this recommended reading article. This article (and others in my “Recommended Reading” series) was actually compiled of book reviews I wrote on a variety of platforms, including blogger, livejournal, wordpress, goodreads, and B&N Nook reviews.
But that’s not all. Several of my articles have, in fact, been stolen and reposted without attribution or linkbacks. I searched just a few of my most recent titles, and out of 4 title searches, got 3 results.
Each of these articles are original content written by me. Now, I personally don’t actually make much money from HubPages. About $9/ month, if that. I’m not writing these articles for the money – 45 cents a day really isn’t worth the effort — I’m writing them because I enjoy it. I like to write, and I like having people read my stuff and give me feedback. This is about my original content — if they hosted it, attributed me, and linked back to my original article, I wouldn’t be upset. If they asked me for permission to host it and attributed me, I’d decide whether or not I wanted my name (and implicit approval) associated with the site.
I suspect that rather than picking and choosing which articles to steal, the thieves are simply copy/ pasting a set amount of articles per day. I don’t understand the point: The theft website does not appear to have ads, and none of the profiles of the “writers” are filled out. This “content directory” website appears to be some sort of a scam, I just don’t understand the how or why. They’ve wholesale stolen the content of myself and other hubbers, word for word, and attributed it to some fake identity and name, but I can’t see the point. I suppose they might be trying to make the website look valid so people will join, and maybe they’ll charge members for joining? Or perhaps they’re going to set up a writing contest scam, and want to look like a thriving content website? I really don’t know.
I notified the website via their contact tab at the top of the page. I also sent a notice to Writer Beware about the content theft/ plagiarism, since they keep up to date on the various scams preying on freelance and self-pubbed writers. Finally, I notified HubPages of the massive theft of content they hosted. I also left some comments on the stolen articles, stating that they were stolen and providing a link to the original content. The website moderates comments, though, so I rather doubt these comments will show up.

2 thoughts on “theft and plagiarism

  1. I hope so. It's frustrating and irritating to see stuff I worked on just stolen like that, and it's quite dismaying to realize this has been affecting many hubbers for some time.

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