I need to borrow this . . .

Happy dance, obviously!
Why do I need to borrow George Takei’s happy dance? Because my faith in humanity is being restored, day by day. First we had the happy news that the 9th Circuit Court found California’s Prop 8 to be unconstitutional (yay!), then Gov. Gregoire signed Washington State’s marriage equality bill into law (woot!), and now the feminist movement has been re-invigorated from the most unlikely of corners!
A few weeks ago, Rush Limbaugh viciously attacked a woman who wanted to testify before congress. He did so, unsurprisingly, in typical Limbaugh fashion — by making up shit and being as outrageously offensive as possible. For instance, Ms. Fluke was testifying on behalf of a friend who was taking hormonal birth control for medical reasons (I believe menorrghagia?). Limbaugh, of course, presented it as being all about sex, and women having sex out of wedlock, and women having sex so much that taxpayers had to unfairly pay for their birth control.
And of course, the rest of the country responded with a resounding: Shut up, you idiot.
See, Limbaugh didn’t care about the fact that 52% of Americans are women, and a good portion of the other half like to live with and even sleep with those women. And he didn’t think about the fact — or thought everyone would agree with his perception that this is bad — that 98% of American women use birth control for some reason or another. It might be to regulate periods, it might be to clean up her acne, or it might be to prevent pregnancy. Doesn’t really matter.
I’m almost glad the old pervert made this gaffe of all gaffes. Not just because he’s probably managed to shut down the right-wing talk-show hate machine, and not completely because of how enraged Americans banded together and pressured 98 major corporations to stop supporting hate speech, but because it reinvigorated the gender equality movement in America. Limbaugh’s vitriol brought into sharp focus what, exactly, the hard-right conservative movement thinks of women — and what they’re pressuring the Republican party as a whole to implement.
Thank you, Rush Limbaugh, for firing up the women’s movement! It turns out your cocaine-addled, hate-fueled existence was, for one brief moment and however unintentionally, useful for something.

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