new (to us) car day!

I would totally post part III of that parenting/ advice/ retrospective thingy, except we went out and bought a new (old) car today and I am friggin’ exhausted.

The car was up to Shoreline, which is a . . . bit of a distance. Past Seattle. An hour and a half drive or so from where we are. Our mechanic friend who’s all knowledgeable about cars and stuff helped me check it over and figure stuff out, too. The guy selling it to us was very open and honest about any cons regarding the car. After an hour or so of a very thorough checking-over, we decided it would work for us. A price was agreed upon, papers were signed, money exchanged.
I hopped into the car and began heading home . . . in rush hour traffic. Through Seattle. It sucked, all stop and go. Night was falling, the headlights and taillights were bright, my eyes were hurting, and it’s been so long since I’ve driven an automatic that I wasn’t 100% sure if I was doing it right (I normally drive manuals, and believe it or not, automatics are strange to me — why do they have a “2” and “1” option if you’re not supposed to use them?!?). On top of that, I couldn’t fucking remember where the headlights switch normally was.
I was freaking; stressed and starting to shake from a very mild panic attack. So I pulled over in Kent, thinking I’d go pee and grab a coffee. But I turned the wrong way on Military Road and ended up going down this long, mostly-empty stretch of road with no coffee shops in sight. And then the car died.
The lights all flickered out, and the engine slowed and coughed and slowed some more. I kept pressing on the gas, and nothing doing. It just didn’t want to go, let alone speed up. So I pulled over in a neighborhood and parked it, then called our mechanic buddy again.
It was determined that it was the one thing left unchecked — the alternator. And for some reason, there was a deep cycle marine battery in the car instead of the proper type of battery. Long story short, a new battery was acquired and the car started again. From there, the alternator should have been checked before continuing home, but I was tired and my back hurt and it was already super-late, past Kidling’s bedtime. So I decided to have the alternator checked tomorrow, and headed home.

It’s the end of a very, very long day. I’m exhausted. As of the writing of this entry, it’s 45 minutes past Kidling’s bedtime, on a school night, and I was so tired when we got home that I just ordered a pizza instead of fixing something. So he hasn’t even eaten dinner yet. None of us have. Therefore, I will be writing the next entry on parenting tomorrow, because sometimes life just throws you unexpected curve balls and you have to deal with them.

Oh, and here’s a little ditty I made up to help me find my way home from Shoreline:

South, south, south, go south!
Shoreline to Seattle, Seattle onto Kent
south, south, south, go south!
Kent onto Tacoma, then onto Lakewood
south, south, south go south!
Lakewood to DuPont, and then you’re nearly there
south, south, south, go south!
Yay for the interstate!

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