sick day

It’s still snowing. We’re supposed to get 13-15 inches today. Kidling woke up at 4 a.m., all feverish and sick. He’s been throwing up every few hours. There’s no school because of the snow, anyway, which sucks for him — nothing like missing a snow day because you’re sick. Poor kid. And he’s so rarely sick, too.
So that’s that. No car, so we’re a bit snowed in. Obviously, we can walk places, but that’s about the extent of it, so our range is somewhat limited. I’m thinking I’m going to make some homemade bread today because I don’t feel like walking to the store and we’re out of bread.
I am a little excited, because I’m expecting some packages this week. We returned the Roomba to Costco and ordered a Neato from the Costco website instead — the reviews about the Neato are just so impressive, and I was getting really freaked out about how often the Roomba was breaking. I mean, we’ve had it 6 months, and I’d had to call customer service and get parts sent to us 4 different times. Last week, it started making the same sound it made when the gearbox crapped out a month after we bought it, and at that point I just said, “Yeah, no, how much will this thing cost us when the warranty is up?”
So we returned it and ordered the Neato, which should (fingers crossed!) be arriving this week. I’m also expecting my replacement battery from Modern Vapor. I love getting packages. It’s so ridiculously silly, especially when they’re not even surprises or gifts or anything fun — but I just love getting packages. Same with real mail, like letters or cards or postcards or actual mailed invitations to events like baby or wedding showers. Sure, I avoid actually attending baby or wedding showers like the plague, if I can manage it. But I love receiving the invite. They’re so pretty, with neatly hand-lettered dates and times.update: So my MV replacement battery arrived. They sent not only the battery, but another atomizer and two boxes of cartridges to replace the one that broke. They also sent several coupon offering 5% off any $65 or more purchase. If anyone wants an MV coupon, let me know, because there’s no way I’ll be able to utilize all of them before they expire in February. I’m pretty pleased with them.

Also, Kidling is feeling somewhat better, and appears not to recall the copious amount of throwing up he was doing this morning, so that’s cool. I’m still not letting him outside, though. As far as I’m concerned, puke = sick = no play.

A creepy and malformed snowman has appeared in the cul de sac outside. I’ve tried to take a picture of it, but it’s problematic. The neighbors are utterly insane about outdoor photography — they actually threatened to beat up Kidling because he was taking pictures of interesting (to him) stuff around the neighborhood, like an abandoned shopping cart at his school bus stop. I know that completely ignores any understanding of logic or reality, since pictures of the neighborhood and their house and cars are available to the public on google maps streetview, but some people are just odd.

So, to be honest, I can’t see them responding in any sane or rational way if they saw me taking pictures in the neighborhood, and especially not if I positioned myself at an angle where you could see their house (that’s where the seig heil twig arm is visible from). Anyway, since pictures are not a viable possibility, let me instead paint a word-picture of the snow-monstrosity that is leering through our window.

The face is a mish-mash of pinecones, staring into our front window. There are two or three oddly positioned twig arms, one of which appears (I’m sure it’s just the angle of the twig) to be doing a sieg heil salute. I’m assuming it was built last night, but it may have been early this morning. Given that it’s already starting an inevitable tilt to the side, I’m guessing the artists were the neighbors, again.  Up along one side is a thick ridge of straight snow, running from top to bottom. It appears to be intended as some sort of reinforcement, but comes across looking like a penile-shaped back hump. Unfortunately, they didn’t dye it or dress it up this time, so I can’t share that hilarity with you. There’s also a carrot pushed into it’s head — it was scavenged (along, I suspect, with the pinecones) from our demolished snow man.


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