[wish list]

So last night, Kidling called out to me as I walked past his room, wanting to tell me about something he wanted for Christmas. I told him he could, y’know, write wish lists for Christmas and birthdays instead of just randomly telling me, “Oh, yeah, and I want this!”
So today he presented the following “chist mas list” to me:
  1. Pokemon cards
  2. MW3
  3. Toy attack heli
  4. 50$
  5. toy halo scarab
What I find the absolute most adorable/ amusing/ hilarious about this list is #4. I love the straight-up request for $50. Forget asking about whatever he wants to buy, he’ll just take $50 and buy his own gift, a-thank-you-very-much. Love it.
Course, I explained that just because a request is on his list, doesn’t mean he’ll get it. As far as I’m concerned, a wish list is a general guidance tool (in general, I like these sorts of items, please pay attention). I’ve written detailed wish lists for as long as I can remember, and my favorite holidays were always the ones when everyone ignores my wish list and got me awesome/ memorable/ thoughtful/ home-made gifts I never would have thought of requesting. Like the year my sister sent me a personalized CD of songs she thought I’d like (she got the idea after I told her my music tastes had been strongly influenced by what she’d listened to as a teenager). Or the year my brother gave me a bunch of Stephen King books.

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