massive sleep debt

Sweet jebus, this has been a stressful week. Lemme break it down for you:
  • Friday, John comes home with a bad toothache.
  • Saturday, I find a dentist and take John in. His tooth needs to be extracted. The dentist breaks it into thirds, planning to remove each part. Instead, she pulls roughly on his jaw for 2 hours, removes only 1/3 of the tooth, and decides that an oral surgeon needs to be called. Oral surgeon is not available until Wednesday. We pick up Percoset and go home.
  • Sunday – Tuesday John is in massive amounts of drugged-up pain. I’m not handling the stress of sick-John well, and sleep is eluding me. By Monday evening, I’ve already built up a significant sleep debt.
  • Wednesday, John’s tooth is finally, finally completely pulled. And then his parents come to town.
  • Thursday, Family visits and tooth-pulling pain. Need I say more?
  • Friday, I have an interview. It goes well, and the place is a great fit for me. Pretty excited and hopeful.
  • Saturday, John is mostly healed, I am finally able to catch up on my 18+ hours of accrued sleep debt, and I get to visit with my friend Tobiah, who just recently wrote an e-book on tabletop gaming.
  • Sunday, Kidling didn’t feel well and ended up sleeping all day, so we didn’t do any of our planned family activities.
It’s just been one of those weeks when it feels like everything is thrown at you. I was pretty stoked about the interview, too, and today I learned they gave the position to someone with more experience. Totally understandable, but I am kind of bummed because it seemed like an awesome experience. I did everything I could on my end, though, and in the end I just wasn’t the perfect fit. C’est la vie.
I’ve been reading Tobiah’s book to soothe away all the turmoil of the past week. As someone who is not a tabletop gamer, I’ve gotta say: This is a really fantastic book. It’s written in a really accessible, interesting manner, and it’s a surprisingly fun read read, for such a specific topic. I highly recommend to anyone with even a passing, academic interest in the subject; although if I have any table top gaming friends out there, I’m sure it will appeal to you even more. And the occasional illustrations are the icing on the cake; very clever and quirky. Here’s the link, in case you didn’t catch it before: The Game Master, by Tobiah Panshin. Read it, love it, review it.

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