Okay, peoples, I have a novel idea: Let’s respect that we’re all adults here and can make decisions for our own lives (this is, of course, assuming that you have moved out of your parents home and are taking care of yourself). So — again, with the assumption that you are fiscally responsible for yourself, pay for your own lodging, and manage your own bills — lets just all agree not to make the following sort of judgments regarding people’s hobbies/ habits/ addictions, okay?
  • Don’t you know riding a motorcycle will kill you? I’d ride one, but I care too much about my family/ my life/ my health, etc.
  • Don’t you know smoking will kill you? It’s disgusting and I care far too much about my family/ my life/ my health/ etc. to ever do it.
  • Real grown ups don’t play video games. Get outside and experience the world.
Let me break it down for you, okay?
  • Life will kill you. Don’t abstain from life because of a fear of death. Live life to the fullest — your fullest, not someone else’s definition. If your fullest is staying inside, eating cheetoes and playing WoW, then fucking have at it. If your¬†fullest is balls-to-the-wall daring death to fuck your skull, have at it. WHATEVER. We’re all adults, we all know the risks (be it heart attack or brain splatterage) of our activities. Let’s just respect that and move. the fuck. on.
I am really tired of people being all judgmental and bitchy about hobbies they disagree with/ are scared of. It’s ridiculous.

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