another day

Not much going on in my world lately. Good lord, not having a job is booooooring. I seriously think I actually get more done around the house when I’m working, because I know my time is limited. Here’s how my time generally breaks down:
Working/ attending school/ volunteering 

30-60 minutes commute
3-8 hours working/ school stuff/ volunteering
6-8 hours sleep
2-3 hours family time (chillin’ w/ John, helping Kidling with homework)
4-12.5 hours chore time
. . . and this is how it breaks down otherwise
Not working/ attending school/ volunteering
Wake up, take Austin to school.
Eh, I have all day to do chores. Maybe I’ll play a video game
or read a book
or go on a walk w/ John
or sleep
or take a shower
or play on the internet for a bit
or write some blogs/ hubs/ something that is not my book
Crap! It’s time for bed and I didn’t do the chores!
Anywho, you can see the trouble. So yes, I am looking for work still (preferably paid, but even volunteer stuff is good.) Surprisingly, volunteer work is harder to get than I thought. I want to do something that will develop/ maintain my skills and I can put on a resume, but I don’t seem to be the only person with this idea. Grrrr.
Today we did do a few things. First off, Kidling woke up not feeling at all well this morning. Feverish, cranky, tired. He’s spent the day mainly on the couch sleeping, so I’ve been keeping tabs on him all day, trying to make sure he’s hydrated and whatnot.
Second, John had a doctor’s appointment today, so we went to the orthopedic surgeon to see what’s the what with his knee. The doctors are really confused, because the injury it looks like he has (PCL strain, calf ligament strain, dislocated knee cap) are not the sort of injury you get falling down at work. They’re the sort of injury, according to them, you get playing in the NFL. Now, obviously John’s not in the NFL (he doesn’t play or care about football at all), and the weirdness increases when you think about the circumstances he got the injury in: He literally slipped on the ice while doing inventory and fell 3 feet. That’s it. Nothing dramatic, nothing even terribly physically-demanding. I mean, John’s been in motorcycle accidents and had less injury. So we’re all (including John) kind of confused as to how, exactly, a fall did this. For now, he’s going to be doing physical therapy. If it improves, yay! Back to work. If it doesn’t, well . . . looks like surgery.

Oh, and Tim Minchin is coming to Seattle. How yay is that? I’m so excite!


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