Hilarious misinformation

On the hilarious misinformation front, tea partier’s in front of our local post office are claiming Obama is a British-Nazi agent, and that Britain funded the Nazi party.
It’s a little known fact that America, in fact, supported Hitler’s eugenics movement. It’s another little-acknowledged fact that America wanted nothing to do with WWII. Remember, the war started in 1939, and American didn’t join until Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. That’s two years they refused to throw the might and power of the U.S. Military into a devastating war that ended up with over 55 million casualties. How did America justify this?
Well, first off, the U.S. had started a eugenics movement long before Hitler, complete with breeding programs. Second, the U.S. considered this war to be “Europe’s problem,” not America’s. They didn’t think the Nazi’s would ever reach America (post-war gathered intelligence indicates that, left unchecked, they would have). And finally, my understanding is that the general public — both in Europe and America — did not realize the extent of the horrors in the concentration camps until after the war.
That’s not an excuse, by the way. I frown on the Japanese internment and Guantanamo Bay, too. On principle, it’s just wrong to be interring perceived enemies “just in case,” and it’s too quick a path to dehumanizing and torturing the “enemy.”

I advised the booth-runner, a young lady who claimed Wisconsin and Ohio were also Nazi-British-anti-American’s, that it might behoove her to try reading a text book. She told me I just didn’t understand. I guess I don’t. See, I tend to think truth, honesty, and an accurate understanding of history is important. It is this lack of historical education that leads the GOP, “Truthers,” “Birthers,” and the Tea Party Movement to spout the sort of anti-union, anti-feminist, anti-civil rights, anti-social programs trash they do. If it weren’t for the fact that the rest of us have to live here, too, I would be more than willing to let them have their fair wages, union protection (even non-union jobs are protected by the employee standards set by unionized jobs), right to vote, freedom of speech protections, medicare, social security income, tax-funded libraries, tax-funded public parks, tax-funded roads, and various other rights taken away. See how they enjoy living in a country without protected, codified freedoms and tax-funded programs.

Oh, I would love to see that. Can we move them all to Texas and let Texas secede, then watch and laugh as it implodes in on itself?


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