birthday boy!

Today we went to Chuck E Cheeses for Kidling’s birthday. He had a blast, and I was really pleased. For $150, the group as a whole got:

Cheese pizza (and a hotdog for the guest who’s allergic)
A sandwich platter
A sample platter (cheese sticks, fries, celery sticks, and hot wings)
2 pitchers of soda with refills the entire time we were there
A birthday cake
Tokens for each guest
Chuck E Cheese gift/ prize bags
Free tickets (passed out during the birthday show)

And kidling got:

To be “star” of the birthday show
Stand in a ticket booth for 1 minute, grabbing as many tickets out of the whirling air as he could.
A birthday medallion
A birthday balloon
A picture with the Chuck E. Cheese mouse
Extra tokens

So that’s pretty cool. Almost everyone Kidling invited showed up — one kid, who’s parents grounded him from video games this week, did not come. Otherwise, we had the four other kids invited, though it was a near thing because his best friend’s mom didn’t get the invitation (e-mail, grrrr), so until I called her yesterday she didn’t know.

Kidling had a blast, and brought in a pretty good haul. He’s especially psyched about the x-box live gift card his dad bought him. Here’s the gifts:

The Complete Lego Star Wars Book (bought it at Costco), from mom.
Alienology (another book from Costco), from mom.
Maniac Magee, from mom. Yes, I gave him books.
Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut Lego set, from mom and dad.
12 month x-box live card, from dad.
Blo Pens, from his friend
$10 for a lego set, from his best friend.
Two small ninjano lego sets, from his cousin.
A/C radio-control Battle Machines and punching balloons from his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin.
Various Chuck E Cheese ticket prizes

He’s currently driving the Battle Machines around the house and giggling with joy. He’s already opened and built one of his lego sets, and he’s called his grandparents. He seems to be having a great day, so all in all, a win!


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