Happy birthdays?

My birthday was this week. No, wait. Last week. Time is blurring, lol. We celebrated last weekend? Maybe the weekend before . . .

Anyway, we met up with some friends at Famous Daves in Tacoma. It was nice. It’s not often that I get to chill with my friends — we all have busy lives, and we’re all sprawled so far apart. It was brilliant seeing them. For once, we brought Kidling — I usually have a no-kids ban for adult gatherings, but he’s getting to an age where it just seems unkind not to include him in our birthday celebrations. He had a blast, and I was pleased to have him. He’s growing up so fast!

Speaking of growing up so fast, it’s his birthday this weekend. We’re celebrating it on Saturday, and I’m interested to see how it goes. It’s going to be a motley assortment of people, and the one thread they have in common is Kidling. Many of them haven’t even met. Those who have get along with John and I to varying degrees, but have little to nothing in common with each other — other than, of course, they all love Kidling. Plus we’re doing the party at Chuck E Cheeses. I’m not particularly excited about that — but it was a near escape, it could have been at the echoing warehouse of child-screeches and migraines known as Charlie Safari. *shudder* We ended up with Chuck E Cheeses because Charlie Safari charges $29.99 a head for their birthday parties, with a minimum requirement of 9 guests — Chuck E Cheeses only requires $12.99 a head, with a minimum of four guests. Believe you me, if I had $270 to spend on a kids birthday party, I’d hire a party planner and go full-out Jedi wars or something, not blow it on the mindless idiocy and bad food at Charlie Safari. Ugh.


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