writers block from livejournal

This is actually a writers block question from livejournal, but it’s related to a topic I have some personal interest in: Do you think parents should have the right to post public pictures and videos of their children on the internet?

As far as parents posting pictures goes, yes. I think parents should have the right to post pictures of their children on the internet. But I do think there are some common-sense rules at play here. For instance, posting pictures of your kids on an invitation only blog or a social networking site with the privacy filters maxed out is one thing. Posting them on a blog like this, where anyone can see, is something I’m honestly not personally comfortable with, and I do tend to think incrementally less of parents when I see them posting pictures, real names, etc. of their children on the internet with absolutely no attempt at privacy. I also figure that’s up to the parents and their comfort zone, so I am not advocating any sort of laws that protect or restrict this right.  I’m just stating that I personally, as a parent, am not comfortable with making my child’s face and information publicly available to strangers.

On that note, what I do think there should be some sort of law legislating is the parent’s right to their child’s pictures/ information. I mean, I know there are already laws regarding that on a paid level — Campbells Soup, for instance, would not be allowed to use my child’s photo without permission and possibly monetary recompense. On the other hand, I have numerous relatives who have taken photographs of my son at family gatherings. These relatives then post those pictures up on their websites and facebook profiles without actually talking to me or my husband about it, or letting us know the security settings on their profiles or anything. It’s a bit nerve-wracking and nauseating. We’ve made the personal decision not to splash our son’s face and name all over the internet, and it’s a point of tension when we try and ask them not to do so without our permission. They think we’re being overprotective, and I think they’re disrespecting our personal parenting decisions.

So that is something I would like to see addressed, either on a wider social-awareness/ safety level, or on a legal level. I would dearly like to see public-safety messages advocating people to amp up their privacy measures when posting information about their children online, and I would absolutely love to see public-safety messages that say something like, “Not your child? Ask their parents before posting their picture.


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