I am tired. I think this schedule is getting to me. Lol, it’s going to be worse when I go back to school eventually. 🙂  I’ve been looking at course catalogues and I’m thinking I am definitely going to be taking classes in sociology, women’s studies, and social networking/ marketing. I wish college was more affordable, but at least the school I’m looking at is highly regarded, has extremely flexible scheduling, and is a state school (ergo, slightly less expensive than the other opportunities in the area, all private schools). I feel all antsy and out-of-sorts not being in school, like my brain is slowly atrophying. It feels like questions and debate aren’t welcomed anywhere but in a learning environment — I mean, I could question and debate certain issues, but I’d probably end up friendless and jobless.

I like the open-minded, inquisitive nature of school — the assumption that you are there to learn and question, not to follow rote social protocol and obey orders without question. I like that in the classroom, serious academics don’t take your views personally — they see it as a means of opening up the discussion, of looking at something from the other side of the fence.

Outside the classroom, disagreement is increasingly being viewed as dislike, which is baffling and irritating. Can’t I disagree with someone and still like them, even love them and respect them?  I don’t understand why saying, “I understand where you’re coming from, but I think you haven’t considered all the evidence –”  or even, “No, I disagree. I think you’re wrong and here’s why –” is so incredibly insulting to people in everyday circumstances.


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