10 day meme (day 9)

Day Nine: Two images that describe your life right now, and why.

  1. Rain slips against the glass, silvering it to a dull sheen. Outside, the rain-bright green leaves weigh down sad brown limbs, and the trees droop with the sad weight. The sky oversees the scene, brilliantly grey and throughly depressed with itself. The entire world seems to be simultaneously holding it’s breath in expectation and giving up. It is, after all, winter — with 5 longs months before the certainty of warmth and sun and motorcycle rides and laughter.
  2. Inside the house, the lights are all on. They shine bright, reflecting off yellow walls and warm wood laminate floors — an insurance of joy against the relentless pacific northwest winter. The cats tumble and play, small paws surprisingly loud on bare floors, and the dog sighs pathetically, raising sad cabin-fever eyes to me. I scritch behind his ears, perfectly in accord with his impatience.


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