Happy Festivus!

We didn’t really get into the holiday season this year. I don’t know why. John has always been a little anti-Christmas, anyway, for as long as I’ve known him. Very Grinch: Not a fan of holiday music, not a fan of wrapping gifts, always seems unexcited and blah about giving/ receiving gifts. I do not know why this is; I once quizzed him about his childhood Christmas’s, and he reported that they were, you know, Christmas. Tree, presents, etc. Nothing traumatic or terribly disappointing in his past; just a general malaise regarding the holiday season. He tells me he liked it as a kid, but all kids do.
I had an existential crisis maybe two years ago, when I realized with a sense of shock and surprise that Christmas as a consumerist holiday held no meaning or importance to me. I couldn’t justify celebrating it without the belief to back it up. Then I remembered my history: Right, Christmas is a makeover of pagan holidays that celebrate the solstice and longer days. I can totally get behind that — I absolutely friggin’ hate winter and these long nights. And although I love working and am incredibly grateful to have a job, I now understand why office works get so growly in the winter — it’s difficult when you never see the sunlight. You’re in the office before the sun rises, and it sets before 5 pm in the winter, so you’re leaving after the sun has set. Obviously, I’m incredibly psyched about the onset of longer days.
So usually the whole impetus for the holiday season is on Kidling and I. But with the new job and working 10 hr days for 3 of the past 4 weeks, I was just too tired to worry about decorating and whatnot. Plus the truck didn’t work, no way to pick up a tree. And Kidling didn’t seem to notice or care — he didn’t even mention getting a tree until the 23rd of December, and when he finally asked we just said, “Sorry, no way to get it home,” and he didn’t seem the least bothered.
So last night I wrapped the gifts. John and I hadn’t bothered to shop for each other, but we’d gotten some video games, a book, and 2 months of membership at Club Penguin for Kidling. We’d also bought some gift cards for John’s family, who are having us come over for Christmas dinner. Plus, my dad had sent a gift for Austin — when I opened it to wrap it, there was also a mini gift for us, which surprised me since dad had told me he wouldn’t be able to send us a gift. Also, they were pre-wrapped, which was also nice, since dad said they probably wouldn’t be.
I hung the Club Penguin cards from Kidling’s doorknob with Christmas ribbon (no decorations or tree, so no stockings). After he woke up, he came into our room and sat on the bed to open the gifts with us. He was really pleased and excited about his haul, even though it was significantly smaller than in years past. He gave us a stuffed sock snowman he’d made at school, which is just adorable. The mini gift from dad was a $25 B&N gift card (yay!) and a $15 Starbucks gift card (shock and surprise!). The Starbucks one was particularly surprising and thoughtful, given that dad does not approve of our coffee-drinking ways. We were really pleased and surprised to get that.
John and I are trying to stave off this cold that keeps menacing us, so I made some more chicken noodle soup with lots of fresh garlic, ginger and hot sauce in it. I’m also making a late breakfast. It’s 12:01 now, and we haven’t gotten any notification about when John’s bil is planning on picking us up, so we’re just kind of vegging and not doing anything. Can’t really make any plans at this point.

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