jobs and retirement

I’m really excited about my job, now. Some of the minor concerns I had have been adequately addressed, and I now feel really enthusiastic and motivated. I mean, I love the actual position (writing!), and I love the satisfying realization that I perform my duties on not simply an average level, but in such a manner that I am considered something of an expert. I love the company atmosphere and my co-workers, and I’m just super-pleased with the entire situation.

Moreover, we had a meeting yesterday with the owner of the company, who was talking about how to succeed in the workplace. She mentioned some things the company will be later implementing, like the opportunity to take classes and become certified in Word, Microsoft Programming, and other programs. Oh my gosh, I was so flipping excited when she said that. How awesome is that? I know! I’m so excited to be with this company for at least 10 years.

J and I figure in 10 years or so, we’ll both retire. We’ll be about 40, and the Kidling will be grown and graduated high school. Kidling can either come with us or go to college, whatever he decides — but we’re selling the house and hitting the road for a nationwide motorcycle tour. We’ll keep family and friends updated through a blog that will link to FB, foursquare, and Twitter. J actually came up with a fantastic name for the blog/trip the other day, but I forgot to write it down and it’s completely slipped my mind.

We’re super excited, though. J is researching touring motorcycles, trying to decide exactly what he wants. I, on the other, am researching backpacking camping gear and motorcycle luggage — I figure since backpacking gear is intended to be compact and lightweight, it’ll fit on the bikes more easily, not throw off our balance, and still provide us with all the necessities. J’s looking at routes — I’m advocating a year-long summer route, ie, staying in the warm and dry whenever possible. We’ll probably try and trek through Canada and Mexico, too, so we’ll need to get passports. Luckily we have 10 years to plan!


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