I had a frustrating conversation with my dad today.  Conversations like these are irritating because I respect my dad.  I know he’s a smart guy, I know he’s educated, and I know he possess a curious, inquisitive mind.  Therefore, I can’t write him off as some ignoramus who would scream, “Fire, fire!” in a crowded building just because he feels warm.

Highlights of the conversation:

  • Dad tried to convince me Obama is a Muslim.  Evidence:  Obama shows respect to foreign leaders, even Muslims.  Obama left Michelle in Paris when he went to Saudi Arabia (Bush didn’t leave his wife behind!).  Finally, the Russians hate him.
  • Obama is also a Kenyan.  Evidence:  He’s never made public his birth certificate.  There’s also a Kenyan birth certificate out there (actually a registration of live birth; not the same thing) of , so obviously Hawaii is lying and not Kenya.
  • Obama canceled the national day of prayer, and is therefore bad for this country.
  • People who dislike Obama are not racist — dad says he would have voted for Colin Powell, so he’s not racist.  He says being Muslim doesn’t mean Obama’s a bad president (Kennedy was Catholic, and Romney is Mormon, and neither of those bother him).  So, question — why bring it up if it doesn’t matter to you?  For clarification, the racist/ religious defenses were out of the blue.  I hadn’t said anything to even hint at accusing dad of racism/ religious bias.  He’s my dad!  He raised me!  I was completely blindsided by him bursting out with that.
I’m so mad and frustrated right now, I’m shaking.  This, this is why you verify all your information with multiple sources (and different Fox News reporters do not count as multiple sources!).  I can’t believe this stuff is coming out of my dad’s mouth.

One thought on “grrrrr.

  1. I know, I know. I still think he is trying to push your buttons. But he also gets a ton of that stuff crammed in his ear. Personally, I'm tired of all the name-calling and bad mouthing in our country. Can't we all just get along? You know that Rally of Honor thing? I wasn't paying much attention to the tea-party movement, so when you mentioned it on FB, I looked it up and at face value, it looked like a bunch of people getting together to say we want integrity and honor for our nation. It was supposed to be a unifying event, I thought. Doesn't everyone want integrity and honor? So I kind of defended it. I was so embarrassed when I found out it really was a tea-party rally, because I didn't want to be associated with tea-partiers. (Is that what they're called?) Anyway… just trying to clear my name a little. ahem. 😉

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