Yeah . . . me and blogging, two great tastes that don’t taste great together.

I don’t know why, but I don’t do so well at blogging.  One would think, because I adore writing, it wouldn’t be a problem.  I mean, I keep running journals both in Word and Google Docs (as well as handwritten entries in various notebooks around the house.  I regularly jot down short stories, character sketches, poetry, or just jive on random ideas.

But somehow, when faced with the little blog entry box, I can never think of what to say.

Part of it is that friends and family have read other blogs of mine in the past and been offended.  The common wisdom is that, to be a writer, you can’t worry about offending people.  That’s probably true, and by and large I’m not worried about offending random people.

I’m worried about offending my family.  I adore them, but in nearly every aspect of spiritual, political and practical belief, we wildly differ.  Somehow I ended up an atheist/moderate-liberal-democrat person.  Somehow I ended up in a place where I see no difference between smoking or eating chocolate, because we all die in the end anyway — it’s personal choice as to what your indulgences are.

Somehow, I ended up miles away from where my family is, and while we’re still friendly and respectful, it does get . . . titchy when either of us start actually expressing our close-held philosophies.

So I don’t like writing in blogs, because I’m terrified that a casual, tossed out sentence on one of my positions will instigate an awkward discussion where both parties air their beliefs and we end up agreeing to disagree anyway.

That’s why I haven’t written in ages and ages and ages.  That, plus some heavy emotional crap was going down in my personal life, and I did not want to share it with anyone.

So what else has gone down since my last half-assed blog entry?  Well . . .


I turned 30.  We had a massive birthday bash and I became embarrassingly intoxicated.  Never.  Again.

The weather was also unusually nice, so I went on a few motorcycle rides.

I also volunteered at the Writing Center some more.


The Kidling turned 8.  We made him a birthday cake that looked like the Halo Pelican ship, and he had a for-real birthday party with kids I’d never met (friends from school), random games and other stuff.

The weather continued to be unseasonally awesome, so I went on more motorcycle rides.

I continued to volunteer at the Writing Center.


I finished my last class at the college and graduated (in all but ceremony).  I received my diploma in the mail, and it’s very cool.

I’m still volunteering at the Writing Center.


J.L. and I ‘celebrated’ our 9 year wedding anniversary.  I finally got my Nook, which is piles of awesome wrapped inside a fantabulous e-reader of joy.

I’m still volunteering at the Writing Center.  I also obtained a position with the Census.


Volunteering at the Writing Center, working for the Census.  The Kidling was suspended from school for 4 days for a spurious, stupid reason.  Well, not entirely stupid, but 4 days was a bit much.  Half a day, or a day and half would have been more than adequate.  I was suspended for 3 days in High School once, and I kicked a freaking teacher for absolutely no reason.

Kidling’s offense was nowhere near that, and he gets 4 days — the final day being (coincidentally) on the field trip that his teacher (who constantly complains about his high energy) had “forgotten” to send the permission slip home for, despite repeated requests?  Yeah, I’m buying it.  Interesting that he was suspended the day after I went to the school office, signed the permission slip, and handed in the field trip money.

Also, he was suspended from riding the bus for 5 days.  A kid has been teasing him all year on the bus, calling him names and whatnot.  Kidling has done all the recommended tactics: moving to a different seat, concentrating on his book, etc.  He keeps getting in trouble for moving on the bus b/c he’s trying to get away from this kid (the red-shirt kid, I call him).

Anyway, he snapped and punched the kid in the arm, then whacked him in the face with his lunchbag.  So he’s suspended for 5 days.

On the one hand, I don’t think violence is the way to solve problems, and the suspension is deserved.  On the other hand, what did they expect to happen when they not only ignore bullying, but actually punish the victim when he tries to move away from the bully?


Nothing much yet.  The Writing Center is closed right now; finished my last day of volunteering last week.  I’ve turned in a bunch of resumes and am continuing to look for steady work, hoping I get a job before the Census projects end.

I have a graduation ceremony on Friday.  J.L.’s taken two days off work to celebrate and spend time with Kidling and I.  As far as I’m aware, no other family members are attending.  I’ll probably send out a FB invite or something, but I’m not expecting much of a showing.

College means different things to different people, and although this is insanely important to me, I’ve kind of played it cool with various family members.  I mean, some people kind of look down on college in general, and other people look down on Community Colleges — either way, it was safest to represent it as something insignifant rather than major.


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