yay 2010!!!

You may have noticed the complete lack of posting in December, supposedly the best holiday month of the year.  Let me illuminate.
  • We were served a lawsuit for non-payment of a medical loan at the beginning of December.
  • John’s Nanna died in mid-December.
  • Our car broke down 3 days before Christmas.
  • My mom’s fave holiday season, so still a bit of a sore spot for me personally since she died.
  • We haven’t had a fiscally (or emotionally) stable Christmas since we got married, so never exactly a stress-free time of year anyway.
But we survived another December relatively intact, and here’s to the New Year!  Yay 2010!  My fingers are crossed that next December is a solstice celebration that we’ll be able to celebrate in peace and joy.
I’m looking forward to my birthday at the end of this month, followed by Little A’s 8th birthday in February.  March usually heralds the beginning of sunnier days, and April will usher in spring and our wedding anniversary.  Nine years.
Feels like so much less and so much more all at the same time.
I’ve also started my final quarter at the local college.  I have 3 credits, which I’m finishing in an advanced creative writing course, yay!  I’m going to apply to Phi Theta Kappa (I’ve been getting the invitation since a quarter or two after I started at the college) because that’ll help with scholarships, and I’m also going to start applying for scholarships.
I’m still volunteering at the writing center, and I think I may get involved in some clubs, too – maybe Beyond Parallax and the local GLBT.  Those not only interest me, but they’ll look good on scholarships.
So that’s the sum-up!

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