mood stuff and music

You know how mood rings were all popular in the ’80s?  And mood shirts, those stupid shirts that changed color according to your body heat and stuff?  I think they had mood pants and stuff, too.

I read this book once, a kids sci-fi type book, where all the clothing of the futuristic characters consisted of sleek mood jumpsuits and stuff, except they actually did tell your mood — not just pink or blue for hot or cold, but had actual sensors that told whether you were angry or happy or jealous or lying.  And the jumpsuits were government mandated, and there was a pretty heavy black-market trade of fake jumpsuits or something.  I forget the whole storyline.


I was just thinking today that it would be awesome if you could have an ipod or a Zune or something that could arrange your playlists or stream music to you automatically depending on your mood.  Because sometimes I’m in a mood, and I don’t know exactly what I want to listen to until I hear it.

I know I want to listen to something . . . something that’s a little bit angry, but not bitchy-blamey-whiny angry.  More like strong, assertive.  And I know that I want to listen to something a little romantic, but not like, “Oh, I will climb mountains and do anything and give up my soul,” hopeless romantic.  More like humorous, solid, confident.  And I want something with a strong beat.  And I want something catchy.

But then again, maybe I just want some Soul Asylum.  They always make me happy.


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