obligatory (yet late) Hallow’s Eve post

Halloween was pretty fun.  We did the whole trick or treating thing.  It was cool.  Little A dressed up as Optimus Prime — I did not make his costume, but bought it.  I no longer feel (very) guilty about that.  I feel vaguely as though I ought to, but really, it’s just too much effort for something that’s not that memorable in the end.
I don’t recall any of my Halloween costumes, and my mom made them all.  I think I was a witch several years in a row.  Maybe a clown once or twice?  I can’t really recall.  It was the personalized, home-made birthday cakes that did it for me, so that’s the tradition I’m concentrating on for my son.  Screw the freakin’ home-made costumes, he’s getting home-made birthday cakes.
Anyway, my sil Melissa came down with my niece, Mea.  John had requested the day off, with the result being that the 5 of us were able to go trick-or-treating together.  Or, more accurately, Melissa, John, Mea and I were able to escort Little A on his trick-or-treating journey.
Little A’s cousin Jay had slept over the night before, and they’d stayed up until midnight, so Optimus Prime was pretty exhausted fairly early in the evening.  I’m a little surprised to say that Mea (adorably dressed as Snow White), at 6 months of age, outlasted him by several hours.  He was draggin’ by 8 p.m., begging to go home and go to bed.  His candy bag wasn’t even entirely full.
There was one absolutely adorable moment near the end, though.  He walked up to a house and this older lady answered the door.  He says, “Trick or treat!”
She asked, “Don’t you have enough?”
Little A said, “Yeah, but just one more.”
It was so cute.  John and I were dying with laughter.
Pics to upload later.

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