fun and useful links

Lose your cellphone and don’t have a landline?  Check out this cool site.  Just type in your cell number (it doesn’t save it) and it’ll call your cell (for free!).  Yay!  Just hope you have your ringer on. =)
Do you like social networking sites but you’re worried about your privacy?  These handy tips on how to optimize your privacy are specifically geared toward Facebook, but with a little ingenuity and common sense can be applied to any online social networking format.
Do you feel guilty about not backing up your hard-drive information, but it’s kind of a pain in the butt and you do most everything online anyway, so you just keep putting it off?  You’re worried about those pictures, documents and music, sure — but you’ll figure it out when you get a new computer.  Somehow.  Maybe pay a guy to transfer the hard drive information or something, right?  Or you could just store everything online.  It’s easy, free, and wherever you have an internet connection, you have your stuff.
Finally, if you don’t like fish oils or vitamins or any of those other “brain growth” thingies, play Tetris!  You can pick up a hand-held copy of the game at your local Target or Wal-mart in the kids section for something like $7, and it’s the best game ever, in my humble opinion.  If you want to play with a larger, clearer screen, you can buy copies for console or computer at any electronics store.  Or you can just play Free Tetris online.  Because Tetris?  Is awesome.

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