sunday, date day!

Sunday we arranged for a sitter and went to Oysterfest in Mason County.  I was really excited to get some time alone with John, and yay for seafood, beer and wine!
Unfortunately, we didn’t actually get any seafood.  This would be due to traffic, trouble finding an ATM and various other issues that ended up with us getting into the fair around 2:30 or 3 pm.  The wine tasting and microbrews were to be shut down by 4:30, so we made a beeline for the microbrew first where John bought a cup of Blue Moon.  He really likes it, but to be honest, I’m not much of a beer drinker.  I like hard ciders, but beers are just too bitter for me.  I get flack about that from my friends — they tease me for drinking the “girly” beers.
Anyway, then we headed over to the wine tasting.  Again, I’ve got to be honest.  I didn’t like wine for quite a while — it was too strong and flavorful for me.  John still doesn’t like it; he always gets this surprised and purse-mouthed look on his face.  It’s cute.  Anyway, it’s all thanks to my sil that I’m trying more wines.  She had me try a dessert wine once, and I liked it enough that I started branching out.
We wandered over to the Horizons Edge Winery, who had cool names like Brittany’s Butterfly Ice Wine or Wishful Thinking Chocolate Port.  I have to admit that the ice wine made me think of elves and cool faeries and stuff.  I am also guilty of buying honey mead because it’s mead.
Anyway, I tried the ice wine and John tried the chocolate port.  Let me just say:  Incredible.  Incredible.  Seriously, I was almost jumping with excitement.  Who am I kidding?  I was jumping with excitement.  Well, hopping.  Lightly.  On the balls of my feet.
It was really yummy wine!
The ice wine had this incredibly beautiful scent, all tantalizing and summery-sweet to start out with.  Then you took a sip, and it was amazingly sweet, but not like mouth-puckering, tooth-decaying sweet.  It was just refreshing and bright.  It finished softly, not leaving a strong aftertaste or noticeable presence.  I loved it.
The chocolate port was equally awesome in a completely different way.  It smelled like chocolate, first off.  Then you took a sip, and it tasted like chocolate, but not overwhelmingly so — not like chocolate milk or chocolate syrup.  It was just a hint of chocolate laced with what tasted like black licorice?  I’m not really sure.  Anyway, it finished like sparklers.  Seriously, I swear it was like little mini firecrackers going off in my mouth.  I didn’t know wine could be spicy!  It was awesome.
I bought a bottle of each, and let me tell you, the wine from that place was selling like hotcakes.
Unfortunately, by that point it was 4 pm and we had to pick up the kiddo by 5 pm, which meant we had to leave right away if we wanted to make it anywhere close to on time.  So off we headed, unfortunately having missed out on the actual oyster part of Oysterfest.
Apparently next Sunday there’s a Crab Festival.  Hmmmm.

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