gathered from around the web

Evey now and again I see cool stuff I want to share.  So here, I’m sharing.  From an MSN slide show that took the pictures from the book Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel and Faith D’Alusio.

What we eat, from around the world:

Bainton Family, UK
Revis Family, US
Casales Family, Mexico
Patkar Family, India
Ayme Family, Ecuador
Natomo Family, Mali
Some observations:
  • I find it really interesting, in a sad sort of way, how our pantry size seems to grow even as our family size shrinks.
  • I find it interesting in a pleasing and happy sort of way that countries less under American influence (re: France, UK, India) had much less soda pop.  I especially found the lack of soda pop in France and the UK intriguing, because I thought soda pop was one of the harbingers of all that is modern culture.  Nice to know I’m wrong.
  • The pictures of fresh fruit and vegetables make me super hungry, while the pre-packaged foods make me kind of go, “meh.” The grains in bags make my mouth feel dry, especially when I realize that that’s likely their most regular food.  I wish I could help them.

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