do the puyallup

This last Sunday we went to the Puyallup Fair.  You may not have heard of it, but it’s pretty much the biggest fair in Western Washington, complete with it’s own catchy theme song.  We spent eight hours there, which is about six more hours than I think is ideal, four more hours than I hope for and two more hours than I actually counted on.

The first four hours were spent looking at the Pavilion displays (various contest entry stuff like photographs, arts, textiles, dollhouses, Lego buildings, personal collections, etc.), the 4-H animals and general fair stuff.  Then we took a lunch break, returned and spent the final four hours on rides.  Turns out Little A is not at all scared of roller-coasters.  Go figure.

So.  Pictures!

This is Little A and I, re-creating a photograph that was entered in the 2009 Photography competition.  I believe it was under the “Composition” category, though I could be mis-remembering.
The actual photograph had about 3-4 kids, positioned like Little A and I are.  Except the first one was sitting cross-legged.  The actual photograph was also in a wooded area, with huge trees arcing all about and the dramatic swoopy moss we have around here weeping down.  The light was diffused and golden between their arms, too.  It was a really cool photograph.  

Little A and I don’t really do it justice, but Little A was taken by my admiration of the photograph and wanted to do one like it.  So here is our humble tribute.

Now.  Doll houses!  I love the doll house display at the Fair.  As a kid, I would beg my dad to let us stay at this display, but he always dragged us off to the model trains.

Curse you, model trains.

Anyway, it was especially cool because the Lego stuff and the doll house displays were in the same room, so it would have been nearly impossible to get Little A and I out of there before we wanted to leave.  At least not without a crowbar or some serious bribes.  So I was able to linger and enjoy the magic of miniature doll houses all I liked.

The Lego displays were pretty cool, too.  Buildings, towns, etc.  I was pretty impressed by an artistic entry in the Pavilion (once again, no photo, sorry), of a dragon built out of various Lego Bionicle parts.  That was cool. 

Anyway, this is what I’d consider a pretty standard Lego city, but Little A loved it.  He had me lift him up so he could see the upper levels of the display.

As we wandered on out of the displays, we came through the collections hall.  This is where people display their collections, like baseball cards, dolls, metal lunchbox pails, etc.  Among these was an interesting collection of dolls.  I don’t know what their actual marketing name was, I’m going to call them “Demon Dolls.”  They caught my eye because they looked like they wanted to eat my soul.

“I will have your soul, yum!”


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