WoW. Or not.

So, people maybe don’t know this about me, but I like video games.  Actually, my entire family does.  My husband leans more toward first-person shooter and racing games, while I’m definitely more of an RPG fan.  Our son is being indoctrinated into both genres.  I will admit to enjoying RockBand, and I’m pretty sure I could get down with Dance Dance Revolution.
Anyway, I have some friends who play a PC game called World of Warcraft (you may have heard of it, lol).  Yeah.  I have to admit, I totally dog on WoW.  Alot.  And I’ve always felt a little tiny bit guilty about that, because I do enjoy video games, and I actually enjoy RPG games, so I should enjoy WoW, but I wasn’t even giving it a chance.  Why was that?
I had a lot of reasons:  I didn’t like how immersed people became in the game.  I didn’t like the negative image of WoW gamers.  I thought it was ridiculous that some of the players actually held WoW-themed weddings, with their avatars getting married on-screen and everything (totally not kidding, I’ve had the screenshots shown to me by friends who’ve “attended” these).  I’d also heard things about the loading quality and the game needing lots of patches and stuff.
The thing is, all the reasons I listed were b.s.  WoW seems like a cool game.  There were plenty of times I thought about trying it, but didn’t.  I just never really examined why.  Then my friend Scarlett, who plays it, sent me an e-mail invite.  This is how retarded I am.  I actually sat there for about 3 seconds staring at the e-mail invite, wondering how the download would get from my computer onto my console.
In my defense, I had a very bad head cold.
Anyway, that’s when I realized what my major bias against WoW is — it’s not the MMORPG aspect, or any of the other negative stuff that WoW has against it.  It’s the computer game bit.  I like consoles.  I played maybe two computer games when I was a teenager —Oregon Trail and Prince of Persia.  When I married John, he had a PS2, and he bought me Final Fantasy VIII (still my favorite, I don’t care what you say).  I have loved console games ever since.
It’s not that I haven’t tried computer games.  John played all these Civilization games on the computer, so I tried some of those.  And out of nostalgia, I downloaded MS-DOS and Prince of Persia again.  I tried a demo of Diablo II.  There were some others.  It’s just . . . it’s a keyboard, people.  Where’s the joystick?  Where’s fight buttons and stuff?  A keyboard is for typing, you know . . . words.
Anyway, long story short (ha! too late), I tried to do right by my friend.  I’d promised her I’d give WoW a try, so I tried downloading it.  The download was a butthead and didn’t work.  I didn’t try very hard beyond that, unless you count writing the e-mail apology for not trying.
Ah well.  Win some, lose some.  Actually, I feel I won in this case.  Oh, and visuals below!

John and the boys playing RockBand.

A WoW wedding screenshot.

A common Oregon Trail screenshot.

Prince of Persia MS-DOS screenshot. You know, I don’t even know if this game had an ending — I only ever made it to level 8 or so before it became so insanely difficult that it was stop or bang my head against the keyboard in absolute insane frustration.  I’ve heard similar stories from everyone who played it.

Final Fantasy VIII cut scene.


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