book club, yeah, baby

My sil, Missy came down to visit today — bringing, of course, her daughter, the oh-so-adorable Mea.  We went to Book N’ Brush to pick up Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.  She (in an act of great generosity) also bought Little A a copy of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules by Jeff Kinney.
I’ve been trying to get Little A interested in this series all summer, but he’s shown only minimal interest.  Apparently his teacher, however, has the series in the classroom.  Little A picked up the second book and started reading it, but his teacher won’t let him keep reading it (for reasons he can’t explain to us — we’ll ask at the parent/teacher conferences coming up).  Anyway, it’s the first non-children’s that he’s asked for, so hey.  And he’s already a good way through it.
Anyway, the reason I bought Uglies.  I’ve decided to start a book club.  My Washington friends are pretty far flung, ranging from Sultan to Olympia, Seattle to Centralia.  Some of them have issues (like me) with trying to go out on a regular basis.  Anxiety, energy, mood, problems with medication.  You know.  Anyway, I know that pretty much all of us enjoy reading (because, really, who doesn’t?), even if we don’t always enjoy the same genres or authors.  I know we usually have Sundays free, thanks to husbands who have Sundays off and can watch the kids at least once a month.  So I said, “We’re having a book club that’s going to meet once a month on Sundays!  No kids allowed!  Also, we’re going to drive pretty far for some of the meetings, so it may be an all day thing, but it will be worth it for coffee and books and friends!”
And people listened and agreed.  I feel very happy about that.  So we decided on the first book, which we’re procuring copies of by Oct. 1st (I have my copy).  Then we’re going to set a date to read it by and a meeting place to discuss it at.
I’m excited.

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