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A friend of mine (Scarlett) came down from Sultan this weekend.  I wanted to take her to some of the local shops — Hip N’ Humble, a hair salon, Book N’ Brush (previously mentioned) and some of the cute sewing shops in downtown Chehalis.  A couple of things got in the way, however, and events transpired so we ended up in Downtown Oly instead.

I have to say, I love Downtown Oly.  Shops like Archibald Sisters and Wind Up Here introduced me to local merchants and cemented my strong affection for independent stores.  On Sunday, I took Scarlett to Archibald Sisters and Wind Up Here specifically because I love them.  At Archibald Sisters, I even bought some stuff — a card for my little sister, who’s on a mission for her church; a personal library kit; a journal; and a magnetic chore pad.

That all sounds very dry, but the magnetic chore pad is made by this company, and I love the way it’s organized and set up.  I couldn’t find an actual picture of it and our scanner’s on the fritz, but trust me: adorable.  If a chore pad can be adorable.  The journal I actually bought as a gift for my little sister — the one on a mission.  I have an idea for a gift that I want to try out.  And the personal library kit?

Well, that was just because it was awesome.  You can’t look at that and tell me that’s not awesome.  Also, I’m a bit tired of compiling the necessary information before lending out a book:  home and work address, home, work and cell phones, birth dates and school year of any children, etc. etc.  You know, so I can hunt down whatever person stole my book.  By whatever means necessary.


I have had four books stolen from me though, however unintentionally, so I do like this kit.

Anyway, then Scarlett and I wandered about looking in the other shops and chatting.  She found this one shop, I think it was Radiance.  It’s in the right place on Google Maps.  She bought some incense, which she was very pleased about.  Then we wandered on a bit until we found Hot Toddy.  How do I best describe this store?  Hmmmm.

It is how I want to dress always and ever.  It is awesome.  It is the personal wardrobe of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn combined — casual elegance, classy and timeless.  It’s beautiful.  I almost wept at how perfect everything was.  I just . . . I want.

Hot Toddy is now on my List of Rewards.  You know:  “When I Get A Job and Need New Business-Like Outfits” or “When I Lost 15 Lbs and Allow Myself Awesome Shiny New Clothes.”


One thought on “shopping local

  1. So, now that you have a job, have you been to Hot Toddy to revamp your wardrobe? (Or at least reward yourself with one outfit?) Also, is Bulldog News still there? I loved that store because of all the international magazines.

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