susy homemaker

I always feel so 50’s housewife on days like today.  I baked a loaf of bread, did all the laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and kitty litter (yech), swept and mopped, cleaned the dishes multiple times, chopped up and froze the zucchini a friend gave me (I heart zucchini bread), and made some cream cheese brownies.  Also meatloaf, of course.
I think it’s all the baking that did it.  I mean, the other stuff is pretty much daily chores (the mopping is every other day — if I did it daily, I’d go insane, what with the no carpets and 5 animals).  But baking, as soothing as it is, puts me in this 50’s housewife “mindset.”
It’s the weirdest thing, too, because I’m willing to bet that actual 50’s housewives were not too different, emotionally, than modern ones.  When I say 50’s housewife mindset, what I mean is the general perception of a 50’s housewife — the perfect hair, happy smile, a bright yellow Dior-inspired dress.  That type of deal.  When I bake, I go to that place, mentally and emotionally.
I turn into a Stepford Wife.
This may be why my husband bought me a pretty red KitchenAid Mixer from Costco last week.  It is possible he prefers the Stepford Wife to the PMS-ing Wife.  Who knows.
I found a recipe for sandwich wheat bread on Smitten Kitchen, which I’ve baked three times already (I used regular yeast instead of instant, and it works fine).  I’ve also tried out her awesome cream cheese brownie recipe because I love getting cream cheese brownies from good bakeries, and it seems like I’m hardly ever around decent bakeries any more.  So I had to try out a recipe for myself.  I’m liking them, but I want to mess with the cream cheese batter a little.  Oh, and I finally got around to making banana bread, using a recipe I got from my dad’s new wife.  It’s a good recipe.
Obviously, I could have done any of these projects without the KitchenAid mixer.  I baked on average once or twice a week with what I had, which was . . . well, wire whisks and a blender and such.  I didn’t have a n electric hand mixer, either.  It was tossed out in the after-flood-cleansing.  But with the KitchenAid mixer, well . . . I definitely spent a lot of time in the kitchen today.  And this last week.
I do feel vaguely guilty because I never did get around to cuffing Little A’s last pair of school jeans.  He starts 2nd grade on Tuesday.  He’s getting way too big, way too fast.

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